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     2、Dietrich von Bern, one of the characters, is supposed to be Theodoric of Italy, while Etzel has been identified with Attila the Hun, and the Gunther with a king of the Burgundians who was destroyed with all his followers by the Huns in 436.

     3、From all the evidence adduced, the commissioners came to the following conclusions:—

     4、  夜里九点钟,圆月当空,天幕之上,繁星点缀,显得格外的明亮清冷。

     5、Full of wit and good behavior,



     (2)  张兴隆深深的看了眼王乐,微笑着说道:“王老弟能在俗世当中,凭着自己的天赋和机缘成就武道先天,本身就是十分了不得很是罕见的事情,要知道在这之前,也只有上世纪民国时的那几位武术宗师才能有如此成就,不过他们成就武道先天的时候,都已是花甲之年,比不上王老弟你天赋奇才,如此年纪就可以有此成就。”

     (3)You are dressed in black, sir, in murnin' for your wife. I have seen you go into Tom Brady's to give the sick creatures the rites of their Church. I give notice to Sir Robert Whitecraft that a priest is there; and my word to you, he and his hounds will soon be upon you. The man that robbed you will be among themno, but the foremost of them; and if you don't know him, I can't help itthat's all, your honor.

     (4)Transferring us again to the solitude, the poet describes how our Saviour passed the night dreaming of Elijah fed by the ravens and of Daniel staying his hunger with pulse Awakened at last by the song of the larks, our Lord rises from his couch on the hard ground, and, strolling into fertile valley, encounters Satan, who, superbly dressed, expresses surprise he should receive no aid in the wilderness when Hagar, the Israelites, and Elijah were all fed by divine intervention. Then Satan exhibits the wonderful banquet he has prepared, inviting Christ to partake of it; but the Son of God haughtily informs him he can obtain food whenever he wishes, and hence need not accept what he knows is offered with evil intent. Seeing our Lord cannot be assailed on the ground of appetite, Satan causes the banquet to vanish, but remains to tempt Christ with an offer of riches, artfully setting forth the power that can be acquired by their means. He adds, since Christ's mind is set on high designs, he will require greater wealth than stands at the disposal of the Son of Joseph the carpenter. But, although Satan offers to bestow vast treasures upon him, Christ rejects this proffer too, describing what noble deeds have been achieved by poor men such as Gideon, Jephtha, and David, as well as by certain Romans. He adds that riches often mislead their possessor, and so eloquently describes the drawbacks of wealth that Satan realizes it is useless to pursue this attempt.




     2.What kind of help?

     3.  这时,背后一道陌生的男中音传到了刚坐到石凳上的王乐耳中。

     4.  随即就见张兴隆眯起自己的大眼睛,看向王乐沉声继续道:“你不知道自己的天赋有多恐怖,但是我们这些红尘之外武道界的人却晓得,没有古法修炼之术,想要在体内生出先天之力,成就武道先天是何其困难,说是万中无一都毫不夸张!”

     5.  从面相学上来说,这位中年男人是个心志坚毅,很是倔强的性格。