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     九游会亚游ag“That’s true. But as long as she was at a comfortable distance down in Stockholm I could ignore her.”


     1、It has been ascertained that the legend of Arthur was familiar among the Normans before Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote his books, and it certainly had an incalculable formative influence on European literature, much of which can be "traced back directly or indirectly to these legends." It was also a vehicle for that element which we call chivalry, which the church infused into it to fashion and mould the rude soldiers of feudal times into Christian knights, and, as it "expanded the imagination and incited the minds of men to inquiry beyond the conventional notions of things," it materially assisted in creating modern society.

     2、  “知道了还问。”王乐呵呵一笑,背对着轻声回道。


     4、  顿了顿,王乐的口气一变,寒声问道:“莫里蒂家族在那不勒斯的势力如何?”

     5、After allowing him to converse a brief while with these friends, the Sibyl vouchsafed Aeneas a passing glimpse of Tartarus and of its great criminals, then she hurried him on to the Elysian Fields, the home of "the illustrious dead, who fighting for their country bled," to inquire for Anchises. The visitors were immediately directed to a quiet valley, where they found the aged Trojan, pleasantly occupied contemplating the unborn souls destined to pass gradually into the upper world and animate the bodies of his progeny. On beholding his son, who, as at Drepanum, vainly tried to embrace him, Anchises revealed all he had learned in regard to life, death, and immortality, and gave a synopsis of the history of Rome for the next thousand years, naming its great worthies, from Romulus, founder of Rome, down to Augustus, first emperor and ruler of the main part of the world.


     (1)  这个大魔王对他路昂的亲热,也都是假象而已。

     (2)  就见路昂嗯了声,答道:“当然会有,莫里蒂家族有一百二十年的历史,这当中不少家族成员与下属去了米国,开拓自己的势力疆土,成立大大小小的家族,一向以来都有联系,这也使得莫里蒂家族最主要的业务输出对象就是米国。”

     (3)During the second day's journey, Rustem was saved from perishing of thirst by following a stray ram to a mountain stream; and on the third night, having forbidden his horse to attack any foe without warning him, Rustem was twice awakened by the loud neighing of Rakush, who had seen an eighty-yard long dragon draw near. Each time he neighed, however, the dragon disappeared, so Rustem, seeing nought, reproved his horse for breaking his rest. The third time, however, he caught a glimpse of the dragon's fiery eyes, so, attacking him, he slew him, thanks to the help of his horse. The fourth day was signalized by other marvellous adventures, and on the fifth, while journeying through the land of magic, Rustem was met by a sorceress, who tried to win him by many wiles. Although he accepted the banquet and cup of wine she tendered, he no sooner bade her quaff it in the name of God, than she was forced to resume her fiendish form, whereupon he slew her.

     (4)  一想到这些,路昂的内心深处,颤栗与恐惧没有减少,反而越来越多。

     (5)"These are delineated in a happy collection of facts lately brought forward by Mr. Chadwick at a meeting of the Farmers' Club in London. It appears that the company assembled, who, from their circumstances, were all qualified to judge of the truth of the facts and the soundness of the conclusions, gave a general assent to what was said by the learned poor-law secretary. Unfortunately, we can only give a few passages from this very remarkable speech.


     1.Nothing daunted, Tristram sets out alone, and beards the dragon in his den to such good purpose that he kills him and carries off his tongue as a trophy. But, wounded in his encounter, Tristram soon sinks by the roadside unconscious. The king's butler, who has been spying upon him and who deems him dead, now cuts off the dragon's head and lays it at the king's feet, claiming the promised reward.


     3.  也正是因为这样,自此以后,使得王乐一向来的狗-屎运变得不稳定起来,时好时坏。

     4.Simply because I was a Rapparee when I spoke to your father; but I have left them, once and for ever.

     5.  “额!”张兴隆脸色的笑意一闪即逝,对眼前的王乐不禁又多了一丝兴趣。