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     yabo亚搏网页版  这时只见王乐呵呵一笑,道:“高中时我看过的原著,这里面就是描述黑手党科莱昂家族的成长史,看样子,还挺写实的。”


     1、  王乐再次:“·······”


     3、A government originating in, and suited for, a barbarous age must necessarily be unfit for one enjoying the meridian of civilization. The arrangement of lord and serf was appropriate to the period when war was regarded as the chief employment of mankind, and when more respect was paid to the kind of blood flowing in a man's veins than to his greatness or generosity of soul. But, in the nineteenth century, war is regarded as an evil to be avoided as long as possible. Peace is the rule, and conflict the exception. Christianity has taught us, also, that the good and the great in heart and mind—wherever born, wherever bred—are the true nobility of our race. It is the sin of the English government that it [Pg 490] works against the bright influence of the times and throws the gloomy shadow of feudalism over some of the fairest regions of the earth. It legislates for the age of William the Conqueror instead of the reign of Victoria.

     4、  说到底还是自身武力值的提高,给了王乐足够的底气,才会如此从容面对,不再像之前那样,只能苦逼的隐身在暗处,生怕洪不让找上门。

     5、On arriving at court, Reynard hypocritically regrets so many people have slandered him to the king, and tries to refute every charge. He is, however, sentenced to the gallows, but even on the road thither devises a plan to escape. Pretending regret for his past, he humbly begs the king's permission to address the spectators, and in a lengthy speech describes how he was led astray in his youth by Isegrim the Wolf. He also declares his only regret is to die before he can reveal to the king the hiding-place of a vast treasure which would enable him to outwit the plots of some rebels who are even now conspiring to kill him. The king, hearing this, immediately orders a reprieve, and, questioning the Fox in secret, learns that the conspirators are Brown the Bear, Isegrim the Wolf, and others. To reward the Fox for saving her husband's life, the queen now obtains his pardon, which Noble grants in exchange for information in regard to the treasure.



     (2)  随即就见王乐沉声回道:“没错,在出发前,上面已经告诉我,孙江叛逃有米国的影子,不然的话,相信以那五位同事的能力和手段,就凭莫里蒂家族这样的乌合之众,很难留得住他们。”

     (3)Thomas Moorhouse, a collier boy, who was brought [Pg 33] to the notice of the Parliamentary commissioners, said

     (4)Well, said he, after musing for a while, so you say Smellpriest is after you?

     (5)  王乐就当不曾发觉一般,依旧是一副笑眯眯的样子,向路昂说道:“路兄,那不勒斯我不熟悉,接下来就要靠你来提供消息,这样才能做出最准确的判断,从而更利于任务的圆满完成。”


     1.Canto VIII. During this battle a great storm arises, and the Christians, who, notwithstanding their courage, have been worsted, beat a retreat, finding on their return to camp that one of their companions, defeated and mortally wounded, has despatched a messenger to carry his sword to Rinaldo. The Italian force thereupon accuses Godfrey of having done away with Rinaldo, but he not only succeeds in refuting such an accusation, but sentences his chief detractor to death.

     2.Helen felt not for the burning, but her eyes were fixed upon the features of the old man, as if the doom of her life depended on his words; whilst the paper on which ee write is not whiter than were her cheeks.

     3.Urged by some present god, they swift let fall

     4.“Not much. I met the present incumbent a few times earlier in the year, and she told me that Falk lives in some geriatric home in Hedestad. Alzheimer’s.”

     5.And now had perish'd, whelm'd beneath the main,