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     1、  路昂陷入若有所思当中,然后点头同意道:“贾兄说的没错,能常年到国外执行任务的同事,都定是一时之选,就算不敌无法完成任务,但从莫里蒂家族手里全身而退,还是可以做到的。”

     2、  良久之后,王乐离开沙发长身而起,阴晴不定的脸色也随之变得平静下来,接着就迈开步子走出屋外,来到院子里面。

     3、  王乐:“·······”

     4、  月色下的小院,显得格外的幽静,王乐漫步在院内小径,走到石桌前坐了下来。

     5、  如此种种,王乐欲灭米洪家的心思越发坚定,再也无法更改!



     (2)  “莫里蒂家族要重蹈天蝎的覆辙了。”路昂仿佛已经看到莫里蒂家族的覆灭,不禁在心中感慨道。

     (3)No, youre not a child. But Ive been appointed your guardian, and as long as I have that role, I am legally and financially responsible for you.

     (4)  这时王乐嗯了声,接着笑了笑,口气一改,很是轻松的说道:“在下听人说过,这里的日出很漂亮,到时候把莫里蒂家族的人都带到这儿陪我看日出,想必感觉很不错。”

     (5)  “额!”路昂心中一颤,站在旁边的这位可是个杀人不眨眼的恶魔,一夜间就能把天蝎这个顶尖杀手组织给灭门,就知道其人的恐怖。


     1.  因此,路昂就知道面前的这位贾先生戒心很重,根本就不是表面上大大咧咧的没脑子。

     2.  过了三四分钟后,王乐才开口问道:“开展跨国合作,那么莫里蒂家族和米国那边的黑手党联系紧密吗?”

     3.  王乐眉头一挑,嗯了声道:“没错,张哥也是南华观的人?”

     4.Rune III. In the beautiful Land of the HeroesKalevalaWainamoinen sang songs so wonderful that their fame spread northward to the land of the Lapps, and prompted Youkahainen to journey southward and challenge the "ancient minstrel" to a singing contest. In vain Youkahainen's parents strove to dissuade him from this undertaking; the bold youth harnessed his sledge and drove rapidly southward, colliding with Wainamoinen, who was also out in his sledge that day. Although Wainamoinen was modest, his opponent was boastful and boldly proposed they show their skill by singing. Invited to sing first, Wainamoinen chanted a set of commonplace axioms; but when Youkahainen imitated him, the ancient minstrel challenged his guest to sing of creation or philosophy. Although Youkahainen now claimed he and seven other primeval heroes saw how the earth was fashioned, how the sky was arched, and how the silvery moon and golden sun were set in position, Wainamoinen termed him prince of liars and averred he was not present at the creation as he claimed. This contradiction so enraged Youkahainen that he offered to fight, but, instead of accepting this challenge, Wainamoinen sang a magic song of such power that it resolved Youkahainen's sled and harness to their primitive components, and caused him to sink ever deeper into quicksands which finally rose to his very lips. Realizing his desperate plight, Youkahainen implored Wainamoinen to cease his enchantments, offering as a ransom for his life all manner of magic gifts which Wainamoinen scorned. In fact, it was only when the culprit promised him the hand of his sister Aino that the ancient minstrel reversed his spell, and not only released Youkahainen, but restored to him all his possessions.

     5.  旋即,俩人都没继续讨论说下去,不约而同的陷入了沉默,因为到现在为止,一切都是在推测而已,只有得到确定的消息才能证实这些。